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Jiangsu Hexin Oil Co.,Ltd
ADD:NO.9,Weiwu Road,Dongtai Industrial Park, Dongtai City Jiangsu Province, P.R.China

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  Hexin oil was founded in 1998, a grand come out in September the same year the first oil drill pipe joint forging production line, to fill the gaps of oil drill pipe joint industry which has rewritten the history of Chinese drill pipe industry. The drill pipe joint blank maintain the first sales among similar product market for consecutive 12 years. The sales of finished oil drill pipe joint ranked first in domestic. The drill pipe joint with excellent quality produced by Hexin obtained the API professional cetificates granted by the groble authority assessment organization, the American Petroleum Insititute. It has been well praised by the users since the products came to the market. The independent research and development production of the JHX drill pipe joints are leading high level in both domestic and international.

        Hexin is currently the world's largest oil drill pipe joint manufacturers, and also China's first batch of oil drilling tool manufacturers that have API certification. Today our company has developed three prefessional production enterprises,mainly in the Yangze River Delta, center in Taizhou and Yangcheng in Jiangsu Province, established a production base with national priority military enterprise in Houma in Shanxi Province. Now Hexin company`s products spread all over the world, we have established product R&D cooperation with a number of industry gaints such as the U.S. National Oilwell, Grant, South Africa the MASTER international drilling company, Singapore OGTS drill company, PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC and so on. We would become the most powerful trade partners in the oil drilling industry.
        Hexin sticks to the road of quality and efficiency for a long time,continues to promote lean production, and builds the advantage of quality and brand for our national petroleum drilling tools. Depending on the unique corporate culture, Hexin company has achieved rapid development for 12 consecutive years, and obtained deep concern as well as high value from many oil fields like Sinopec and PetroChina. They spoke highly of the development of our company and put forward higher requirement by inspecting the company.
        In the future, the company will always maintain the spirit of despise all difficulties,dare to compete and dare to win as the new Red Army, consistently adhere to the core concept of interity first and harmony first. We will innovate and develop proprietary brand, promote national oil drilling tool industry so as to become the top oil drilling tool manufacturer in the world.