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Jiangsu Hexin Oil Co.,Ltd
ADD:NO.9,Weiwu Road,Dongtai Industrial Park, Dongtai City Jiangsu Province, P.R.China

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Talent is the radical factory of enterprise’s development, and it is also the ultra-centralized representation of enterprise’s core competitiveness . Hexin persists in taking talents as first strategic resource for enterprise’s development all the time. The group has successively established Enterprise-University Cooperation relationship with many famous university, Hexin possesses preferable environment condition, which attracts high technology talents and senior management personnel in domestic petroleum machinery industry to join in, to convey fresh blood for enterprise and enrich the company’s technology team. In addition to enhancing R & D by itself, the company also actively seeks for cooperation and exchange with other organizations. At present, the company has conducted extensive co-operations with universities and research institutes Hexin assembles excellent talents engaged in petroleum machinery research and development and senior management talents with rich management experience. This has established talent basis for company’s technology innovation and new product development, and upgraded the technological level and management level of the enterprise.